Geosat Follow-On

After the success of GEOSAT’s Exact Repeat Mission (ERM), in February 1998 the U.S. Navy launched the mini-satellite GEOSAT Follow-On (GFO). The mission had the same mission objectives as GEOSAT’s ERM, as well as its orbit configuration and ground track (for further details please refer to GEOSAT page).

Geosat Follow-On (Credit: NASA)

AgencyUS Navy
Launch date1998-02-10
EOL date2008-11-25
Data VersionGDR

Orbit elements

Geosat Follow-On
Repeat cycle17 days
Semi major axis7166400 m
Inclination108.04 °
Start of phase2000-01-07
End of phase2008-09-01
List of cyclesLink

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