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Geosat Follow-On

After the success of GEOSAT’s Exact Repeat Mission (ERM), in February 1998 the U.S. Navy launched the mini-satellite GEOSAT Follow-On (GFO). The mission had the same mission objectives as GEOSAT’s ERM, as well as its orbit configuration and ground track (for further details please refer to GEOSAT page).

Satellite Parameter

AgencyUS Navy
Launch date1998-02-10
EOL date2008-11-25
Data VersionGDR
Geosat Follow-OnNASA

Orbit elements

Geosat Follow-On
Repeat cycle17 days
Semi major axis7166400 m
Inclination108.04 °
Start of phase2000-01-07
End of phase2008-09-01
List of cyclesLink