Parameter Recordmap Description
agc agc Automatic Gain Control
agc_rms agc RMS of AGC
atmos_corr_sig0_ku atmos_corr_sig0 Atmospheric Attenuation Correction
dhdt dhdt altitude rate
distance distcoast Distance To Coast
doppler doppler Doppler Correction
dot dot Dynamic Ocean Topography (DOT)
dtrop tropd Dry Tropospheric Correction
dtrop dtrop Dry Tropospheric Correction
elev elev Elevation
emb ebias Sea State Bias
etide tidee Solid Earth Tide Correction
etide tides Solid Earth Tide Correction
fcor dot Filter Correction
fic icecon Fractional Ice Concentration
geoh geoh Geoid Height
gflags slafg Geophysical Corrections Quality Flags
glat orbit Latitude
glon orbit Longitude
gmlat sunorbit Geomagnetic Latitude
hsat orbit Satellite Altitude
iceflag icefg Ice Flag
iflags instr Instrument Status and Quality Flags
invb invbm Inverse Barometer Effect
ionos ionos Ionospheric correction
isec instr Integer Seconds Elapsed Since Epoch
itide tidei Internal Tide Correction
jday time Julian Day
lptide tidel Long Periodic Equilibrium Ocean Tides
ltide tideo Ocean Load Tide Correction
lwmask tblwm Land Ocean Flags
mask mask Different Masks
mdot mdot Mean Dynamic Ocean Topography (MDOT)
mflags mflag Cryosat-2 Mode Flag
mode tracker Onboard Tracker Mode
msec instr Microseconds, Fractional Part of isec
mssh mssh Mean Sea Surface Height
oer oerr Radial Orbit Error
oflags orbit Orbit Status and Quality Flags
otide tideo Ocean Tide correction
ptide tidep Pole Tide Correction
ptide tidee Pole Tide Correction
ralt instr Altimeter Range
satcor satcor Saturation Correction
scale_power waveform_power_scaling Waveform Scaling Factor for Ku-Band Backscatter Coefficient
scaling_factor_20hz_ku waveform_scaling Scaling factor for Ku band backscatter coefficient
selev elev RMS of Elevation
sflag sshfg Geophysical Corrections Quality Flags
sig0_scaling sig0_scaling Sigm0 Scaling Factor
sigma0 instr Backscatter Coefficient
sla slafg Sea Level Anomalies
ssh sshfg Sea Surface Height
stdalt instr RMS of Altimeter Range
stddot dot RMS of Dynamic Ocean Topography
stdswh instr RMS of Significant Wave Height
swh instr Significant Wave Height
tbathy tblwm Ocean Depth or Height Above Sea Level
tides None Solid Earth Tide Correction
tloc sunorbit Local Time
uralt uralt Tracker Range
vtec tec Vertical Total Electron Content
width_leading_edge width_leading_edge Leading Edge Width
windsp instr Wind Speed
wtrop tropw Wet Tropospheric Correction
wtrop wtrop Wet Tropospheric Correction
wtropc wtropc Correction of Wet Tropospheric Correction

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