{'id': 41, 'name': 'wtrop', 'num_parameter': 1, 'size_bytes': 4}
Version 08

All Missions

Pos Size Scaling Unit Parameter Description
1 4 -6 m wtrop Wet Tropospheric Correction
Wet Tropospheric Correction from ECMWF ERA-5
ECMWF-Parameters: 2m_temperature, total_column_water_vapour, geopotential
- Undefined parameter (glon.00)
- Undefined parameter (glat.00)
- Julian Day Epoch 2000.0 (2000-01-01 12:00:00 UTC) (jday.00)
- Ocean Depth or Height Above Sea Level using GEBCO One Minute Grid (tbathy.01)
- Land Water Mask from GMT (mask.05)

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