Product: Vertical Total Electron Content (VTEC)
Version: 06
Mission: Topex

Parameter Description
jday.00 Julian Day
Julian Day Epoch 2000.0 (2000-01-01 12:00:00 UTC)
Julian Day 2000 values are truncated in MVA after 5-digits!
glon.00 Longitude
Source: GDR-B
Original-Parameter: lon
glat.00 Latitude
Source: GDR-B
Original-Parameter: lat
gmlat.00 Geomagnetic Latitude
(geomag pole at 79.5,-71.6; epoch 2000)
tloc.00 Local Time
(h = glon/15 + UT - 12; UT = 24*mod(jday-0.5,1) )
ionos.06 Ionospheric Correction
Smoothed ionospheric correction based on ionos.00
vtec.06 Vertical Total Electron Content
oflags.00 Orbit Status and Quality Flags
iflags.00 Instrument Status and Quality Flags

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