Product: Instantaneous Dynamic Ocean Topography (iDOT)
Version: 33
Mission: Jason-2 (Extended Mission)

Parameter Description
jday.00 Julian Day
Julian Day Epoch 2000.0 (2000-01-01 12:00:00 UTC)
Julian Day 2000 values are truncated in MVA after 5-digits!
glon.00 Longitude
Source: SGDR-D
Original-Parameter: lon
glat.00 Latitude
Source: SGDR-D
Original-Parameter: lat
dot.33 Dynamic Ocean Topography (DOT)
GOCO05S, filter length=69km
Reference: Bosch W., Savcenko R., Dettmering D., Schwatke C.: A two-decade time series of eddy-resolving dynamic ocean topography (iDOT). In: Ouwehand L. (Ed.) Proceedings of "20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry", Sept. 2012, Venice, Italy, ESA SP-710 (CD-ROM), ISBN 978-92-9221-274-2, ESA/ESTEC, 2013
gflags.33 Geophysical Corrections Quality Flags
- Fractional Ice Concentration from NSIDC (fic.01)
- Smoothed ionospheric correction based on ionos.00 (ionos.06)
- Undefined parameter (dtrop.00)
- Undefined parameter (wtrop.00)
- Undefined parameter (oer.66)
- Undefined parameter (emb.00)
oflags.00 Orbit Status and Quality Flags
iflags.00 Instrument Status and Quality Flags
Source: SGDR-D
Original-Parameter: agc_rms_ku, agc_ku, swh_rms_ku, swh_ku, range_numval_ku, rain_flag, ice_flag, range_ku, range_rms_ku
1 : agc_rms_ku/agc_ku > 0.1
2 : swh_rms_ku/swh_ku > 0.1
8 : range_numval_ku < 12
64 : rain_flag != 0 || ice_flag != 0
128 : range_ku == nan || range_rms_ku == nan

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